Visit Our Tasting Room!

Our patio is pet friendly, so you can enjoy your visit with the whole family!

Visit Our Tasting Room!

Our patio is pet friendly, so you can enjoy your visit with the whole family!

Tasting Room Hours

Open Daily

 10 am to 6 pm

Let There Be Wine!

Enjoy a flight! Try any 5 wines for $12

Visiting us on the weekend? Check out our Weekend Wine Cocktails!

Our Menu

Our Menu


  • Fumé Blanc 28

    Made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, this wine expresses fresh notes of grapefruit with a clean and crisp finish.

  • Chardonnay 28

    Aged in stainless steal with a hint of oak, this wine has subtle notes of vanilla with a touch of citrus and pineapple on the finish.

  • The Artist 30

    Nathalie's special blend, this wine stands out with creativity, and just as an artist can change their medium, our Artist can change its varietals, yet always remains unique and delicious.

  • Moscato 26

    Our Moscato blend displays lightly sweet flavors of peaches and orange blossoms.


  • The Fire (Currently SOLD OUT) 34

    This eclectic one of a kind blend bursts with flavors of berries and cinnamon. Hot and complex with a soft spice finish.

  • Merlot 34

    Aromas of black cherry and roses, along with hints of baking spices bring this rich and smooth wine together.

  • Zinfandel 36

    Rich jammy fruit and just the right amount of spice complement a silky texture with plush tannins as this wine embraces the palate.

  • Syrah 36

    Inviting aromas of dark chocolate and blackcurrant meet velvety texture that balances perfectly with hints of cherry and a touch of spice on the finish.


  • Arizona Port 24

    Made in the Ruby style with Zinfandel and fortified with brandy, this wine delights the sweet tooth with notes of sugared dark fruit.

  • Arizona Cream Sherry (Currently SOLD OUT) 24

    Made in the Oloroso style with Chardonnay and fortified with brandy. Savor the creamy caramel and candied fruit notes.

Flight Options

  • White Flight 12

    Fumé Blanc, Chardonnay, The Artist, Moscato and Port.

  • Red Flight 12

    Merlot, Zinfandel, Syrah, Arizonalady Red, Port

  • Mixed Flight 12

    Chardonnay, The Artist, Merlot, Zinfandel and Syrah.

  • Build Your Own! 12

    Choose any 5

Wines by the Glass

  • White Wine 9
  • Red Wine 10
  • Dessert Wine 10

Other Beverages

From the Vineyard Kitchen

  • Cheese Plate 16

    An assortment of cheeses accompanied by olives, sweet peppers, fig jam, dried apricots, almonds and bread sticks.

  • Charcuterie Plate 16

    An assortment of cured meats accompanied by olives, sweet peppers, and bread sticks.

  • Hummus Plate 15

    Hummus, pita chips, and fresh vegetables.

  • Chocolate Plate 10

    An assortment of gourmet chocolates with dried apricots.

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