About Us

A vineyard in the desert? You bet! Since 2002, Oak Creek Vineyards & Winery has been crafting a broad range of fine wines, helping put northern Arizona’s Verde Valley on the wine map. Our ten-acre, high desert estate vineyard sits at a 3,400-foot elevation and borders Oak Creek, which runs along Page Springs Road, home to our winery.

The area surrounding our winery has a long history, originally settled by Native American peoples dating back to the 8th century. The 35 mile long valley was introduced to wine grapes by Spanish Missionaries in the 1600-1700’s and encompasses a variety of incredibly scenic high desert landscapes, most notably the amazing red rock formations near Sedona.

In our vineyard, we grow everything from Chardonnay, Merlot and Zinfandel to Syrah and Tempranillo. We craft our single varietal and proprietary blend wines from these estate grapes as well as grapes purchased from vineyards in Southern Arizona such as Sauvignon Blanc and Moscato. We also cater to those with a sweet tooth with our Cream Sherry and Port dessert wines