Weekend Wine Cocktails

Every weekend we feature a wine based cocktail in the tasting room!
Check out all our weekend wine cocktails recipes below or search for one based on the name or ingredients!
The Spicy Gaucho

The Spicy Gaucho

A little spicy and a little tropical, this wine cocktail will have you sitting high in your saddle and feeling great! Follow us for more

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Iced Chard Helene wine cocktail

Iced Chard Helene

It may be fall but the weather here is still warm enough to sip on a cool cocktail in the afternoon, so we present to you the chilled version of our Chard Helene!

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wine cocktail: fall sangria

Spiced Fall Sangria

It’s Fall, and the weather here in Arizona is beautiful! So, we can still get away with cold drinks! Try out this spiced fall sangria with cranberry and apples!

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wine cocktail: merlot spritzer

Merlot Spritzer

International Merlot Day is Sunday 11/7, celebrate with our Merlot based spritzer using pomegranate juice and fresh ginger syrup, the perfect fall cocktail!

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wine cocktail: merlot mocha

Merlot Mocha

To celebrate International Coffee Day today, October 1st, we’ve put together a Merlot based mocha and added a little raspberry syrup for that extra flare!

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wine cocktail: guava sparkler

Guava Sparkler

Have guava nectar? Make a wine cocktail! We mixed this one with some Syrah and a splash of ginger ale for a quick and easy little refresher!

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wine cocktails: moscato mojito

Moscato Mojito

We were excited to learn that today (7/11/2020) is National Mojito Day! We thought, what better way to celebrate than with a wine mojito!?

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wine cocktail: honeybee chardonnay

Honeybee Chardonnay

We’re celebrating National Chardonnay Day with this weekends wine cocktail, the Honeybee Chardonnay! Some honey and raspberries make this cocktail the perfect refresher!

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wine cocktail: spicey hawaiian

The Spicy Hawaiian

We’re feeling a little spicy this weekend, so we figured we’d toss some pineapple juice and jalapeños into our Fume Blanc and see how it goes, it’s pretty tasty if we do say so ourselves!

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wine cocktail: green mimosa for st patricks day

The Shamrock

Back in the day we served a blue sparkling wine and made mimosas from it. We don’t serve that anymore, but we did learn that we could make our Moscato sparkle with a SodaStream! So here we are, with our very own green mimosas again to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

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chard helene wine cocktail

Chard Helene

This wine cocktail was inspired by the French Dessert “Pears Helene”, traditionally a poached pear served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, crystallized violets and almonds.

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wine cocktail: moscato sunrise

Moscato Sunrise

Fruit is so versatile. You COULD make a smoothie with strawberries, bananas, and limes… or you could mix all those flavors together with wine and have a light cocktail!

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wine cocktail: moscatorita


Sometimes you want a margarita, but maybe you would like it a little more easy drinking than tequila. Enter the Moscatorita!

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wine cocktail: raspberry crush with vineyard dogs in bowties

Raspberry Crush

Valentine’s Day calls for a lovely and romantic drink. Check out this raspberry based wine cocktail, good for any time, not just Valentine’s!

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wine cocktails: fume sunrise

Fumé Sunrise

Sadly we can’t serve drinks with tequila in them, but that didn’t stop us from making a tequila sunrise inspired wine cocktail! A little Fume and triple sec make this a perfect sipper!

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wine cocktails: mos-mopolitan


Ever heard of a Mos-Mopolitin? Neither had we until we made it up! We recreated the Cosmo with our Moscato for this wine cocktail!

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wine cocktails: fall sangria

Fall Sangria

It may still be warm outside here in AZ, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start enjoying some fall flavors! We brought together some nice fall favorites and mixed them in with our Moscato!

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