Iced Chard Helene

Iced Chard Helene wine cocktail

It may be fall but the weather here is still warm enough to sip on a cool cocktail in the afternoon, so we present to you the chilled version of our Chard Helene!

Chardonnay Salmon

cooking with wine: Chardonnay salmon

Want a buttery salmon without the butter? Check out Verde Valley Olive Oil Traders for the butter flavored olive oil we used for this months recipe! We pan seared this salmon in it, and it was a great decision!

Chardonnay Shrimp Tacos

cooking with wine: shrimp tacos

Tacos and tequila are pretty standard, but what about tacos and Chardonnay!? We’ve done just that this month with Chardonnay marinated shrimp tacos, deliciously paired with our Spicy Hawaiian wine cocktail!

Honeybee Chardonnay

wine cocktail: honeybee chardonnay

We’re celebrating National Chardonnay Day with this weekends wine cocktail, the Honeybee Chardonnay! Some honey and raspberries make this cocktail the perfect refresher!

Chardonnay-Lemon Risotto

cooking with wine: chardonnay risotto

This recipe has a lot of ingredients, but don’t let that intimidate you, it’s actually quite simple and crazy tasty! Don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay as you cook!

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