Red Wine & Chocolate Cookies

wine and chocolate cookies

Aren't red wine and chocolate just wonderful together? Pair them in a cookie and you have quite the magical dessert pairing for yourself! This recipe was originally found at Simply Scratch Follow us for more ideas! Check out other recipes where we cook with our wine!

Fire Berry Blazer

wine cocktail: fire berry blazer and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake

To celebrate National Red Wine Day we’ve concocted a delightful wine cocktail featuring The Fire red blend!

Fuego Hot Chocolate

wine cocktail: Fuego hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is great, adding wine is even better, especially when that wine is our Fire blend!

The Tipsy Squirrel

wine cocktail: the tipsy squirrel

Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21st called for a squirrely cocktail, coffee, port, and nut milk!

Oak Creek Mulled Wine

wine cocktails: mulled wine

It doesn’t get better than a nice and spicy mulled wine on a crisp fall day! Pop the ingredients into a crockpot and enjoy the aromas!

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