Mother’s Day Bouquet Sangria

wine cocktail: Mother's Day Bouquet Sangria

It’s national Sauvignon Blanc day, National Moscato day, and Mother’s Day this weekend, so we’ve made a rose infused sangria highlighting our Moscato and Fume blanc to celebrate!

Orange Basil Smash

wine cocktails: basil smash

We’ve been in quite the basil mood lately, so we were very pleased to concoct a recipe with for this weekends wine cocktail!

Palomé Fumé

wine cocktails: palome fume

If you are a grapefruit fan then this wine based spin on a Paloma cocktail is for you!

Cucumber Melon Cooler

wine cocktails: cucumber melon cooler

It doesn’t get much more refreshing than cucumber melon! Blend that with some Fumé Blanc and a little Sherry and it’s a match!

Fumé Peach Cooler

wine cocktails: fume peach cooler

A little Sherry tossed in the mix here and we’re feeling just peachy about this one!