Somewhere on a Beach

Somewhere on a Beach wine cocktail

It may only be March, but we’re summer dreaming with this months wine cocktail! A little Moscato mixed with kiwi syrup, pineapple, lime, and coconut water, plus our lovely patio weather, will have you feeling like you’re on a beach somewhere!

Arizona Sunset

Wine cocktails, Arizona Sunset

A fun blend of our classic Sauvignon Blanc, non alcoholic bourbon, orange syrup, lemon, bitters and cherry! A bit of a wine version of an old fashioned, you might say!

Gouda & Viognier Orzo

Gouda orzo and shrimp with oak creek vineyards Viognier

It's National Pasta Day, so naturally we needed to make a pasta recipe that showcases our wine for cooking and pairing! Follow us for more ideas! Check out other recipes where we cook with our wine!

The Spicy Gaucho

The Spicy Gaucho

A little spicy and a little tropical, this wine cocktail will have you sitting high in your saddle and feeling great! Follow us for more ideas! Check out our other weekend cocktail recipes!

Peach Cobbler Sangria

wine cocktail: peach cobbler sangria

Peaches are in season, and what’s better than a peach cobbler!? A peach cobbler wine cocktail perhaps? Grab some of our Artist blend and get going!

The Spicy Hawaiian

wine cocktail: spicey hawaiian

We’re feeling a little spicy this weekend, so we figured we’d toss some pineapple juice and jalapeños into our Fume Blanc and see how it goes, it’s pretty tasty if we do say so ourselves!

Wine-O Cantaloupe Sorbet

cooking with wine: cantaloupe sorbet with the artist

It’s hot here in AZ, so we thought we’d take a break from the oven and try our hand at making a boozy cantaloupe sorbet!

Cantaloupe Smash

wine cocktail: cantaloupe smash

Sometimes you visit the grocery store and see cantaloupe is on sale, that’s exactly how we came up with this weeks wine cocktail!

Artist Sour

wine cocktail: artist sour

We’re taking the classy level up a notch this week with our take on an Amaretto Sour!

Artist Palmer

wine cocktail: easter artist palmer with peep decoration

What’s better than and Arnold Palmer on a hot day? An Arnold Palmer spiked with wine!