The Spicy Gaucho

The Spicy Gaucho

A little spicy and a little tropical, this wine cocktail will have you sitting high in your saddle and feeling great! Follow us for more ideas! Check out our other weekend cocktail recipes!

Boozy Eggnog

wine cocktail: boozy eggnog

The holidays beg for eggnog to be enjoyed, make it even better by adding wine!

Spiced Fall Sangria

wine cocktail: fall sangria

It’s Fall, and the weather here in Arizona is beautiful! So, we can still get away with cold drinks! Try out this spiced fall sangria with cranberry and apples!

Merlot Mocha

wine cocktail: merlot mocha

To celebrate International Coffee Day today, October 1st, we’ve put together a Merlot based mocha and added a little raspberry syrup for that extra flare!

Guava Sparkler

wine cocktail: guava sparkler

Have guava nectar? Make a wine cocktail! We mixed this one with some Syrah and a splash of ginger ale for a quick and easy little refresher!

Peach Cobbler Sangria

wine cocktail: peach cobbler sangria

Peaches are in season, and what’s better than a peach cobbler!? A peach cobbler wine cocktail perhaps? Grab some of our Artist blend and get going!

Kinky Flamingo

wine cocktail: kinky flamingo

This weekend we’ve decided to honor National Watermelon Day (actually on 8/3) with a watermelon based Moscato cocktail!

Strawberry-Rhubarb Sangria

wine cocktail: Rosé Sangria

In celebration of National Rosé Day (June 12th), we’ve created a light and refreshing rosé sangria with strawberry and rhubarb simple syrup!

Honeybee Chardonnay

wine cocktail: honeybee chardonnay

We’re celebrating National Chardonnay Day with this weekends wine cocktail, the Honeybee Chardonnay! Some honey and raspberries make this cocktail the perfect refresher!