Kinky Flamingo

wine cocktail: kinky flamingo

This weekend we’ve decided to honor National Watermelon Day (actually on 8/3) with a watermelon based Moscato cocktail!

Strawberry-Rhubarb Sangria

wine cocktail: Rosé Sangria

In celebration of National Rosé Day (June 12th), we’ve created a light and refreshing rosé sangria with strawberry and rhubarb simple syrup!

Honeybee Chardonnay

wine cocktail: honeybee chardonnay

We’re celebrating National Chardonnay Day with this weekends wine cocktail, the Honeybee Chardonnay! Some honey and raspberries make this cocktail the perfect refresher!

The Spicy Hawaiian

wine cocktail: spicey hawaiian

We’re feeling a little spicy this weekend, so we figured we’d toss some pineapple juice and jalapeños into our Fume Blanc and see how it goes, it’s pretty tasty if we do say so ourselves!

Cantaloupe Smash

wine cocktail: cantaloupe smash

Sometimes you visit the grocery store and see cantaloupe is on sale, that’s exactly how we came up with this weeks wine cocktail!

Moscato Ginger Iced Tea

wine cocktails: moscato ginger iced tea

What’s more refreshing than iced tea on a hot day? Wine! We found a way to combine them both with this ginger infused iced tea spiked with our Moscato!

Artist Sour

wine cocktail: artist sour

We’re taking the classy level up a notch this week with our take on an Amaretto Sour!

Blackberry Wine-jito

wine cocktail: blackberry mojito

A little blackberry syrup, a splash of mojito mix, and a bottle of wine makes for quite the refreshing mojito style wine cocktail!

Artists Berry Lemonade

wine cocktail: artist berry lemonade

Whose feeling some boozy berry lemonade?! Grab a bottle of our Artist blend to get this wine cocktail party started!

Chard Helene

chard helene wine cocktail

This wine cocktail was inspired by the French Dessert “Pears Helene”, traditionally a poached pear served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, crystallized violets and almonds.

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