The Julep

The Julep

A wine based Julep cocktail with a kick featuring our Classic Sauvignon Blanc, strawberry puree, mint simple syrup, jalapeño and lime!

Fumé Sunrise

wine cocktails: fume sunrise

Sadly we can’t serve drinks with tequila in them, but that didn’t stop us from making a tequila sunrise inspired wine cocktail! A little Fume and triple sec make this a perfect sipper!

Fumé Cherry Fizz

wine cocktails: cherry fizz

Do you enjoy Cherry Limeade? Then you’ll love this wine based spin that includes our Fumé Blanc and ginger ale!


wine cocktails: mos-mopolitan

Ever heard of a Mos-Mopolitin? Neither had we until we made it up! We recreated the Cosmo with our Moscato for this wine cocktail!

Fall Sangria

wine cocktails: fall sangria

It may still be warm outside here in AZ, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start enjoying some fall flavors! We brought together some nice fall favorites and mixed them in with our Moscato!

Artist’s Strawberry Daiquiri

wine cocktails: Artist's Strawberry Daiquiri

Do you love everything strawberry? Then you’ll love this wine based strawberry daquiri we’ve made with our Artist white blend!

Dirty Lavender Lemonade

wine cocktail: Lavender Lemonade

Lemonade is nice, but sometimes you want something a little stronger right? Add some of our Artist blend and a little lavender for this boozy lemonade!

Moscato Float

wine cocktails: moscato float

Who doesn’t love a good float? We thought we’d make a boozy one with some rainbow sorbet and our Moscato!

Prickly Pear Moscato-Rita

wine cocktails: Prickly pear moscatorita

Prickly pear is kind of a staple flavor in Arizona. So, we made some prickly pear juice and crafted this Moscato based wine cocktail!

Orange Basil Smash

wine cocktails: basil smash

We’ve been in quite the basil mood lately, so we were very pleased to concoct a recipe with for this weekends wine cocktail!

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