“Fiery” Cranberry Sauce

cooking with wine fiery cranberry sauce

It's almost Thanksgiving. You have family coming or already in town. Sometimes that's great, sometimes it's not, this recipe for some boozy cranberry sauce will help, trust us. Follow us for more ideas! Check out other recipes where we cook with our wine!

Prescott Fine Art & Wine Festival

prescott fine art and wine festival logo

Prescott Fine Art & Wine Event features an Arizona Wine Garden & Marketplace where you can taste all of your favorite Oak Creek Vineyards wines as well as wines form several other AZ wineries! Step out and create lasting memories with locally crafted AZ Wines! Wine Garden Hours: ​Saturday, August 7, 2021 12pm – 6pm […]

Kinky Flamingo

wine cocktail: kinky flamingo

This weekend we’ve decided to honor National Watermelon Day (actually on 8/3) with a watermelon based Moscato cocktail!

The Spicy Hawaiian

wine cocktail: spicey hawaiian

We’re feeling a little spicy this weekend, so we figured we’d toss some pineapple juice and jalapeños into our Fume Blanc and see how it goes, it’s pretty tasty if we do say so ourselves!

Artists Berry Lemonade

wine cocktail: artist berry lemonade

Whose feeling some boozy berry lemonade?! Grab a bottle of our Artist blend to get this wine cocktail party started!

Fuego Hot Chocolate

wine cocktail: Fuego hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is great, adding wine is even better, especially when that wine is our Fire blend!

The Tipsy Squirrel

wine cocktail: the tipsy squirrel

Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21st called for a squirrely cocktail, coffee, port, and nut milk!

White Wine Sunrise

wine cocktail: white wine sunrise

Sometimes it’s 70+ degrees here in Arizona in January, so why not bust out a spring style drink when you can!?

Fumé Sunrise

wine cocktails: fume sunrise

Sadly we can’t serve drinks with tequila in them, but that didn’t stop us from making a tequila sunrise inspired wine cocktail! A little Fume and triple sec make this a perfect sipper!

Fumé Cherry Fizz

wine cocktails: cherry fizz

Do you enjoy Cherry Limeade? Then you’ll love this wine based spin that includes our Fumé Blanc and ginger ale!